Natural Resources Plan

Draft Outlines For Review

Getting Started

Within this page you will find the six Natural Resources Plan Categories and their descriptions. We have further broken down the Categories into smaller Topic Areas which most of you are familiar with. Please note, some of these Topics have changed slightly in nomenclature and content. TMRPA has talked with various stakeholders, researched, and collected data within each of these areas, and compiled all information into draft outlines which will then ultimately be turned into narratives within the Natural Resources Plan.

Our hope is to have you review each of the Topic Areas within your Category, and add to or edit the information for accuracy and completeness. Please feel free to review additional Topic Areas within other Categories after you have completed your main Category area. When editing please keep in mind that grammar and flow is not our priority at the moment, we are currently focused on getting the right information to build the background for each topic.

When reviewing please feel free to:
  • Check information for accuracy
  • Add additional missing information, statistics, or data
  • Provide comment
  • Add other helpful sources or relevant agencies
  • Give feedback on Category and Topic names

    Friday, April 7th, 2023

    How to Review


    If you do not currently have a G-Mail account, please first create a Google Account here: Create Google Account

    This will only take 2 minutes, and will help us to identify who made each comment or edit within the documents. However, if you already have a G-Mail account, you need only to log into your account before editing the documents.


    Next, scroll below to your Category, and begin editing each Topic Area by clicking the name of each Topic, this will take you to the Google Doc editing platform.


    Begin editing and commenting. Please reach out if you have any questions on how to use Google Docs and we would be happy to assist you!

    Before reviewing, if you need a refresher on the Natural Resources Plan, or more information on the concept of each of the Categories, please visit our Natural Resources Plan Page

    Categories and Topic Areas

    Click on the Topic Area name to access each Google Doc


    • Minerals and Mining
    • Water Quality Management
    • Water Supply Management


    • Wildlife and Habitat
    • Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species
    • Agricultural Lands

    & Ecology

    • Paleo-environments
    • Native American Culture
    • Historical Sites

    & Resiliency

    • Climate Change
    • Air Quality
    • Food Security
    • Energy


    • Trails and Pathways
    • Parks and Greenspace
    • Truckee River
    • Snow Sports

    & Open Land Interactions

    • Land Use (Public, Private, Vacant, etc.)
    • Federal/Public Lands
    • Wildland Urban Interface
    • Wild/Feral Horses

    For questions or assistance please contact Nate Kusha at 775-321-8397 or

    Or contact the main TMRPA line at 775-321-8385

    Thank you for your valuable input, we appreciate your time and collaboration on this effort!

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