The 2024 Regional Plan Update provides an opportunity to refine our approach to public facilities and natural resources as discussed in the 2019 Regional Plan.  During the 2019 RPU, TMRPA recognized that more work would be needed to further improve the Regional Plan and that the work program of the agency should be structured to achieve exactly that.  Specifically, Regional Plan policies NR 1 and PF 3 call for the creation of a Natural Resources Plan and Public Facilities Plan, respectively.  Drafts of the documents underpinning these initiatives, available below, are underway and will provide the foundation for new policies as well as refinement of existing policies in the 2024 Regional Plan Update.

Document Drafts Available for Review

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Please take a look at the available drafts for review, and email your comments to submit@tmrpa.org.

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If you have any questions about the drafts or about submitting your comments call 775-321-8385 or email submit@tmrpa.org

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The Regional Plan is not a static document and can be amended.

For information regarding this process, please see the Regional Plan Amendments page.

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