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About Submitting to TMRPA

Step One

For submittals regarding Conformance Reviews, Master Plan Amendments (MPA), Projects of Regional Significance (PRS), and/or Regional Plan Amendments (RPA): Please begin the process by downloading the Submittal Checklist. Fill out the information within the checklist, and be sure you have all required materials. 

Please note, the Submittal Checklist does not replace the requirements encapsulated within the Regional Plan. 

Step Two

After completion of the checklist, continue to submit the checklist as well as all other application materials by emailing them to 

More Information and Resources

The 2019 Truckee Meadows Regional Plan

For additional information regarding submittals, such as what proposals TMRPA reviews and the  Regional Plan policies used for analysis, see the 2019 Truckee Meadows Regional Plan.

Maps and GIS Data

Check out our 2019 Regional Data View, which shows data layers that TMRPA utilizes within the Truckee Meadows region. Or take a look at our Interactive Map, TMRPA tracks active Tentative Maps and Planned Unit Developments as well as units remaining to be built in those areas which can be seen within this map.

Natural Resources Data Portal

The NR Portal is an invaluable tool for TMRPA, its partners, and the public alike in having a centralized location to access natural resource data that is linked to the structure of the narrative Natural Resources Plan document.

Our Processes

Regional Plan Amendments (RPA), Master Plan Amendments (MPA), and Projects of Regional Significance (PRS)