RPC Training

Training Opportunities

NRS 278.0265 requires that Regional Planning Commission members must receive at least 12 hours of training related to land use planning and Chapter 241 of NRS, which entails meetings of State and local agencies. New members must complete training in Chapter 241 of NRS. The following are resources that can be used towards the required 12 hours of training, as adopted by the Regional Planning Governing Board. The materials listed below are accessible  on our website at TMRPA.org, under the Regional Planning Commission tab. You may also contact TMRPA at 775-321-8385 for further assistance.

Using the RPC Self-Certification Form, please list the materials used and total hours of training.

The RPC Self-Certification Form is password protected. Follow the link below to access the Form. 

Below are required readings for RPC training, as well as other optional materials. If you attend a land-use planning related event or have other materials that you believe may qualify for training hours please reach out to TMRPA staff to confirm and approve the event and/or additional materials for your hours.